Polyethylene ( PE) or polyethene (IUPAC name polyethene or poly (methylene)) is the most common plastic. The annual global production is around 80 million tonnes. Its primary use is in packaging (plastic bags, plastic films, geomembranes, containers including bottles, etc.). Many kinds of polyethylene are known, with most having the chemical formula (C2H4) n. Thus, PE is usually a mixture of similar organic compounds that differ in terms of the value of n.


Application of Poly Ethylene                  

  •  Automotive Applications
  •  Household Goods
  •  Containers
  •  Appliances
  •  Electrical/Electronic Applications
  •  General Purpose
  •  bags and liners
  •  caps and closures
  •  compounding
  •  corrugated and conduit
  •  drums and intermediate bulk
  •  containers
  •  food packaging
  •  heavy duty sacks
  •  hygiene films
  •  industrial injection molding
  •  pail and crate
  •  protective packaging
  •  rotational molding
  •  small part blow molding
  •  stretch film
  •  trash bags