Polypropylene (PP) is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin. It is a part of both the average household and is in commercial and industrial applications. The chemical designation is C3H6. One of the benefits of using this type of plastic is that it can be useful in numerous applications including as a structural plastic or as a fiber-type plastic.


Applications of Polypropylene


The uses of polypropylene are numerous because of how versatile this product is.   


It is used in products such as the following:

  •       Plastic parts - from toys to automobile products                                            
  •       Carpeting - in all forms of carpeting, area rugs and in upholstery
  •       Reusable products - especially in containers and similar products
  •       Paper - used in various applications for stationery and other writing bindings
  •       Technology - commonly found in loudspeakers and similar types of equipment
  •       Laboratory equipment - in virtually every aspect where plastics are found
  •       Thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites